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“Tangkou space” to explore the new model of rural activation of the
old Wei gradually glowing past life

(Picture: “Tang mouth space”, the different color of the interns often dinner together to share the exchange of experience. Respondents are available)

Tangkou town old Wei, is the town government resident in the past, had a moment of prosperity. With the passage of time, where the population outflow, administration, business places have been relocated, here was ranked in the wave of social development, gradually decline.

However, the past two years, a group of aspiring young people will focus on here, plans to create the old fair into the practice of rural youth community space – “Tang Kong space” to attract young people from around the world to communicate, quiet Has long been the old Wei gradually exhale the vitality of the past.

Jiangmen Daily reporter / Liang Jiaxin

Interns come from different cultural backgrounds

“Tangkou space” is located in Tongkou Town, Tangkou Town Tang Tong Wei, composed of three buildings, unique design style, but also with the surrounding streets of the architectural and landscape integration, not significant. “The team’s current office is an old post office building in the 1990s, and we rented the hardware factory and watch factory opposite the old post office. The hardware factory is a red brick building and we intend to As a set of activities, lectures, book exhibitions and catering functions as one of the community center, watch factory plans to transform into a youth hostel.

Reporters in the community center to see, its interior decoration quite distinctive, divided into several regions, and the side of the youth hostel connected to some areas are being renovated construction.

In the evening, it was prepared to hold a music theme dinner, invited the local government, social workers and related staff and some friends to come from, different countries from different countries, small partners are busy outside the layout of the venue, prepare food, very lively.

“At present we are still trial operation stage, has been able to undertake part of the activities of the building decoration design is still constantly adjusted, is expected to officially operate around October.” Li Jijin said that from the beginning of this year, “Tang Kong space” has received more than one From around the world, different cultural background of the interns, and now is the summer vacation, where about 30 interns at home and abroad.

Usually, small partners will be held from time to time dinner, tea party, share each other, exchange experience, invite friends over a guest, the past desolate dilapidated old Wei increasingly lively up. During the year, they also planned to organize an international music festival.

Explore the activation of rural business model

“Design, decoration, construction, are to maintain the original flavor of the building on the basis of the transformation.” “Tang Kong space,” founder, founder of Mr. Deng told reporters that students from abroad to communicate a lot of architectural design Professional, they come here to draw the design, procurement materials, involved in the decoration, in the construction of “Tang Kong space” at the same time get a good practice opportunities.

Mr. Deng has worked hard in the field of international cultural exchange for many years and has long been committed to rural practice and heritage conservation. He has invested and cooperated with Tan Jinshu, Associate Professor of Wuyi University to launch the “Cangdong Project” to establish the Cendong Education Base. The project was awarded the ” Organization of the Asia-Pacific cultural heritage protection award “award.

“‘Cangdong plan’ after the basic shape, I intend to find another practice, to explore a business model of the activation of the rural community, Tangkou Town Party Committee Secretary Yu Luorong very support, recommend to us.” Mr. Deng introduced, he hoped Will be “Tang mouth space” can be built to carry a multi-cultural exchange, but also to meet the business and public welfare, academic activities, the needs of a comprehensive space, contact and promote all kinds of rural rehabilitation and cooperation projects to carry out, and to activate the old So that local residents benefit.

The idea of ​​diversification collides with new sparks

According to reports, in the “Tangkou space” students are generally with the construction, environmental protection, history, humanities, agriculture and other aspects of the subject to practice learning, with the help of local residents walking in the field to capture the wind, to carry out research, Together to help build “Tangkou space”, mutual exchange.

“I have been here for three weeks, feeling the whole team, the villagers are very good.” From the University of Virginia students Cao Yuao said he was in the “Tang mouth space” is mainly responsible for translation, finishing information and other work, feeling everyone’s diversity The idea of ​​a new spark here, so that he harvest a lot.

In addition to interns, many foreign friends also join the “Tang Kong space” in the construction, including the retired foreign engineer Peter, married in Zhuhai, British scholars, they are Mr. Deng’s old friends.

Mr. Deng said that the “Tangkou space” operation of a major purpose is to activate the community, to restore their vitality. During the construction and trial operation, they provided a number of jobs for the local villagers, Mr. Deng also came back from Southeast Asia, some private handicraft products, hope the villagers can learn to produce a local characteristics of tourism products, souvenirs.

“The villagers do well after the ‘Tang Kong space’, we reclaim and then sold to the passengers, which is a way to increase income.” Mr. Deng said that if the “Tang Kong space” by providing room and board, activities, lectures The way to slowly maintain the operation and even to achieve profitability to prove that this model is feasible to activate the country, in other places to promote.

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