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The Tangkou Community Project, also known as the TK-SPACE is located in the rural outskirts of the city of Kaiping, Guangdong Province, China, the ancestral home of many overseas Chinese. It is a privately operated business model aiming for sustainable community work and conservation of the local area that can be enjoyed by all.

The TK-SPACE provides a platform for local visitors and international guests to explore and discover aspects of the community and ways of life of typical rural people living in southern China. It also supports visiting groups and facilitates a strengthening of communal activities among the local people and encourages interaction between the local population, visitors both from near and far, and overseas Chinese.


Tangkou town is especially blessed being in the vicinity of many traditional villages with historical buildings including mansions, defensive watchtower structures known as diaolou's, and the national granary where rice was stored before distribution.

Tangkou is set in beautiful countryside, among the rice paddies, lotus ponds and woodlands on the Guangdong Greenway (cycle and hiking track). It is, or is near, the hometown of many overseas Chinese and is close to the four Kaiping UNESCO World Heritage sites.


The Project is currently based in three revitalized buildings – an old post office and two factories. These form the Tangkou Community Center which seeks to serve the community in a sustainable way. The Center, which is the lively heart of the TK-SPACE is equipped with a hostel, a vast library and study facilities, an accessible kitchen, restaurant and lounge.

The center provides a communal space for people from all over the world, particularly young people and students, to exercise their talents. They can be engaged in rural activities, cultural and heritage appreciation and conservation, community sustainability and other, perhaps, scholarly or recreational activities.


The Center also acts as a space for young and old to take classes or attend conferences, or just to relax over a meal or a drink perhaps after a field trip. Fostering a sense of entrepreneurship among the villagers, the Tangkou Community Center also offers space for a local market, available every Saturday and Sunday, for villagers and farmers to sell and profit from their hand crafted artwork and locally grown produce.

Additionally, the Center will create opportunities for those local to Kaiping to take up part-time jobs. Some of our project's staff have been involved in related work for several years including the Cangdong Project at the nearby village of Cangdong when it gained the UNESCO Award of Merit for Conservation in 2015.

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