Cultural Heritage Conservation


At the heart of the Tangkou Community Project also lies the aims, goals and objectives to maintain and improve cultural heritage conservation, focusing on protection and care of local and regional tangible cultural heritage, including artworks, architecture, archaeology, and museum collections.

The main mission of the TK-SPACE is therefore to play the important role of being an open-ended platform that facilitates projects and collaborations that benefit this local, rural community and cultural heritage conservation.

Creating a space for the themes of conservation, culture and heritage appreciation alongside allowing visitors to experience local village life and interact and engage with local villagers is thus key to the projects success.

Cangdong Conservation Project

Some of our team have been heavily involved for several years in the design, creation and implementation of the Cangdong Conservation Project, which is located at the nearby village of Cangdong, a small bicycle ride from Tangkou and the TK-SPACE. It has become a successful pilot project for cultural heritage conservation and development in China

The project aims to support both the tangible and the intangible heritage of Cangdong village and to promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the local village ways of life and their context, the wider Wu Yi/Sze Yap culture, as well as the Overseas Chinese. Buildings have been repaired, renovated and revitalized in ways that are authentic and sensitive to their heritage.

Conservation strategies have been implemented that aim to sustain the vernacular lifestyles and to support the communities that evolved from a unique set of historical circumstances. Since 2011 and with the help of scholars, investors, villagers and local Government, a diaolou, two ancestral halls, one temple, four village houses, as well as the sunning place and walking paths have all been restored.

Cangdong Education Center

A key element of the project has been the establishment of the Cangdong Heritage Education Center. This center enables people to explore and experience the indigenous village ways of life in its many aspects and to learn about culture and heritage conservation. It carries out research and provides information on the history of the area, its inhabitants and their traditions, as well as those who have emigrated and the reasons for their emigration.

On September 1st 2015, the center was granted by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the Award of Merit at the 2015 Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

Social Benefits

The Cangdong Project is focused on cultural heritage conservation and aims to instill heritage and cultural interest in the younger generations and common people.

Most importantly, the project is an example of successful multi-cooperation in the field cultural heritage conservation that has empowered and enabled local villagers to build a healthier and more prosperous community.

This is a key point in the working philosophy and the current and future working practices of the Tangkou Community Project and TK-SPACE.

  • Preserves and revitalizes local traditional cultures
  • Enables the re-use of historical buildings
  • Achieves the continuity of local culture through tourists participation and experience
  • Engenders a sense of pride, understanding and belonging
  • Attracts overseas Chinese and visitors from around the world
  • Provides a bridge and communications between neighboring villages and Overseas Chinese
  • Builds links between China and overseas-born Chinese