School Trips

Learning Themes

Nature, conservation, revitalization, history, culture and heritage appreciation. Experiencing the local village life, interaction with local villagers.

Educational Activities

The TangKou Community Project and TK-SPACE warmly welcomes schools and universities to bring lively and enthusiastic young people from all over the world to a classical rural Chinese village in Southern China, to have an enriching educational experience and understand and appreciate the attractive and creative features of a non-urban lifestyle.

By visiting the TK-SPACE and getting involved in its many fun activities, children and students from diverse backgrounds will be able to explore new thoughts, skills and talents in many areas.

  • Participate in organic farming, harvesting, traditional food preservation and other community work
  • Cycle or hike along the Guangdong Greenway focusing on the scenery, nature and environmental awareness
  • Visit and learn about the nearby sites of historical interest such as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Visit local enterprises such as a local chocolate and traditional soy sauce factory
  • Understand and appreciate the local arts and crafts and traditional folk activities
  • Listen to and discuss presentations on subjects such as architecture, world heritage, conservation, preservation and overseas Chinese history
  • Interact with local daily life and culture and listen to local stories told by the villagers under the banyan tree
  • Participate in English language classes and learn outdoor team building skills

Excellent Facilities

The new state-of-the-art TK-Space includes an 80 bed hostel, restaurant, lounge bar, theatre and public library. Situated in the outskirts of Kaiping and surrounded by beautiful countryside and cycle paths, it is the perfect place for school trips and extra-curricular activities.

Industry Visits

Manufacturing & Production

The TK-SPACE and the areas surrounding Kaiping are home to many different types of enterprise and industry. Aside from the large farming community, schools and students can visit, experience and gain insight into the different processes of production for a variety of interesting local manufacturing facilities.

Traditional Soya Sauce Factory

Medicinal Mushroom Factory

Traditional Chocolate Factory