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1) Go Cycling

The Tangkou Community Project lies in the heart of rural Kaiping and is connected to many of Guangdong's attractive Greenway's. These are walking or cycle paths that pass through villages, fields, across rural riverways and are inaccessible by car. They are perfect for scenic and leisurely cycling and are a great way to take in the many historical sites and fun activities that are dotted around the local area.
The TK-SPACE has a vast range of mountain bikes that visitors can freely use, including ones with attached seats for young children, meaning families of any age can easily explore the beautiful scenery together. Our team has created many different maps of cycle routes with ranging lengths and difficulties, which you can pick and choose to best suit your needs. Tour guides are also available if needed.

2) Go Hiking

The Tangkou Community Project is set in beautiful countryside, among the rice paddies, lotus ponds and woodlands on the Guangdong Greenway. These scenic tracks or path are inaccessible by cars and therefore offer the perfect trails for hiking.
Most of the nearby hiking trails are fairly flat, but if you wish to do some climbing, some beautiful hills and mountains can be accessed via cycling or taking a short car ride to the base.
Our team at the TK-SPACE has created many different maps of hiking trails with ranging lengths and difficulties, which you can pick and choose to best suit your needs. Tour guides are also available if needed.

3) Go Farming

The Tangkou Community Project is set in the rural countryside areas of Kaiping, made up largely by village and farming communities.Many different types of farms scatter the area and offers many ways to get involved and learn about their different farming techniques.Visitors of all ages can participate in organic farming, assist in picking fruits and vegetables and learn about harvesting, food preservation and can even get to help in the preparation of some traditional local dishes.

4) Visit Historical Sites & Museums

The Tangkou Community Project is blessed being in the vicinity of many traditional villages with historical sites including mansions, defensive watchtower structures known as diaolou's, and the national granary where rice was stored before distribution. Set in beautiful countryside, among the rice paddies, lotus ponds and woodlands it forms part of the hometown of many overseas Chinese and is close to the four Kaiping UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Aside from these historical sites made up of diverse architectural styles, Kaiping is also home to some interesting museums that help to reinforce the history and stories that came from this unique region of China. Our team at the TK-SPACE can arrange trips and guided tours to all of these areas of interest or can provide you with maps of cycle routes or hiking trails to explore the various sites and museums by yourselves.

5) School Trips & Industry Visit

Nature, conservation, revitalization, history, culture and heritage appreciation. Experiencing the local village life, interaction with local villagers.

Educational Activities
The TangKou Community Project and TK-SPACE warmly welcomes schools and universities to bring lively and enthusiastic young people from all over the world to a classical rural Chinese village in Southern China, to have an enriching educational experience and understand and appreciate the attractive and creative features of a non-urban lifestyle.

By visiting the TK-SPACE and getting involved in its many fun activities, children and students from diverse backgrounds will be able to explore new thoughts, skills and talents in many areas.

  • Participate in organic farming, harvesting, traditional food preservation and other community work
  • Cycle or hike along the Guangdong Greenway focusing on the scenery, nature and environmental awareness
  • Visit and learn about the nearby sites of historical interest such as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Visit local enterprises such as a local chocolate and traditional soy sauce factory
  • Understand and appreciate the local arts and crafts and traditional folk activities
  • Listen to and discuss presentations on subjects such as architecture, world heritage, conservation, preservation and overseas Chinese history
  • Interact with local daily life and culture and listen to local stories told by the villagers under the banyan tree
  • Participate in English language classes and learn outdoor team building skill

Excellent Facilities
The new state-of-the-art TK-Space includes an 80 bed hostel, restaurant, lounge bar, theatre and public library. Situated in the outskirts of Kaiping and surrounded by beautiful countryside and cycle paths, it is the perfect place for school trips and extra-curricular activities.

Industry Visits
Manufacturing & Production
The TK-SPACE and the areas surrounding Kaiping are home to many different types of enterprise and industry. Aside from the large farming community, schools and students can visit, experience and gain insight into the different processes of production for a variety of interesting local manufacturing facilities.

6) Attend Classes & Workshops

Practical Learning
By visiting the TK-SPACE you will have the opportunity to experience the village life in a practical and interactive way and at the same time enjoy the beautiful landscape and scenery.
Our team of translators and experts are available to provide classes, workshops and lectures on a broad range of subjects and the depth of knowledge and duration can be personalized to fit your needs.

Traditional Cooking Classes
On of our most popular classes is our practical cooking classes. Using the state-of-the-art kitchen located in the center of the TK-SPACE, visitors of all ages are able to learn how to prepare and cook local traditional Chinese dishes.

Tai Qi & Dance Classes
Learn Tai Qi and traditional Chinese dance (in English) with one of our expert instructors. Duration, time and schedule can be easily adapted to fit your needs.
Experience Traditional Country Cuisine

7) Kids & Family Fun

A Place for All Ages!
The great thing about visiting the Tangkou Community Project and staying in the TK-SPACE is that there is something for everyone!
Whether you want to enjoy a cooking class or learn about the local history or architecture, get back to nature and take a scenic bicycle ride, relax in the lounge bar or community library or visit the nearby water park and play games, the TK-SPACE can provide it all.
Below are some activities that we most recommend for families and children to enjoy.
- Kids Water Park
- Fruit & Vegetable Picking
- Scenic Cycling
- Local Industry Visits
- Music, Arts & Crafts
- TK Kids Games

8) Traditional Country Restaurants

The TK-SPACE has a restaurant set in beautiful surroundings, which serves both healthy and nutritious Chinese and western food throughout the day. However, we recommend that during your stay you go and experience the wide range of traditional country restaurants that surround the local rural area.
Cycle along the scenic cycle paths in the late afternoon and stop off for a fresh, hearty, local organic meal amidst the backdrop of historical Chinese and Western architecture such as diaolous and mansion buildings. Sit and eat in beautiful outdoor gardens and watch the sun slowly set on the horizon.