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Community Revitalization

At the heart of the Tangkou Community Project lies the aims to revitalize, redevelop and add life, commerce and community back into the old town of TangKou.
The main mission of the TK-SPACE is to play an important role of being an open-ended platform that facilitates projects and collaborations that benefit this local, rural community revitalization.
Creating a space for the themes of conservation, culture and heritage appreciation alongside allowing visitors to experience local village life and interact and engage with local villagers is thus key to the projects success.
Sustainable Business Practices
The innovative TK-SPACE Project is based in three revitalized buildings at the center of old TangKou town. A former post office and two old watch factories have been renovated to a high standard and this forms the Tangkou Community Center, which seeks to serve the community in a sustainable way. The Center, which is the lively heart of the TK-SPACE is equipped with a hostel, a vast library and study facilities, barrier free kitchen, restaurant and lounge.
Since 2015, the old abandoned post office was used as a hostel for young students and visitors. However, with the renovations of the two old watch factories and the creation of the new TK Hostel completed recently in 2017, the former post office now serves as a an administration center and residence for those on internships and work placements.
Making ways to preserve the cultural continuum for traditions and customs of the local area and producing job opportunities for local villagers are major key points attributed to this development and revitalization project. The three buildings actually reveal the one-hundred-year historical development of the hometown of many overseas Chinese.
Philanthropic Efforts
Following the development and creation of the TK-SPACE, there are various ongoing projects that have been evolving or are currently being planned and established. These include the Community Library Program, Community Senior and Disabled Center Program, Community Children Development Program, Volunteer, Social Worker Practice Initiative, Farming Sustainability and Conservation Platform, Community Environmental Enhancement Program and Conservation of Traditional Buildings Fund.
Research & Learning
A key ingredient to community revitalization is education and learning. There are various academic research projects that have been evolving or are currently being identified and established. These include research on architecture and planning, local villages, transportation analysis, research on and documentation of old TangKou time buildings, analyzing location and potential of old unused Sites.Other academic subject areas and research interests include Sociology (research on the relocation of the administrative center to New Tangkou, overseas Chinese and their impact on communal economic development, social effects of migrations, understanding social needs through conversations with local villagers), Anthropology (population structure and occupations), Politics (research on the central Government’s rural development policies and local Governments’ supportive policies), Agriculture, Archeology and Tourism (Media development and publicity).
Cultural Awareness
Cultural awareness comes in many forms and provides another solid foundation in our aims to revitalize the local community. Our team is continually identifying and carrying out events with both public and local participation such as regular arts and crafts fairs, musical and theatrical performances and weekend markets. We are also heavily involved in the design and planning of the new public Granary Park that has been opened adjacent to the TK-SPACE by the end of 2017.